Viertje – Sean Pablo

Sean Pablo - Amsterdam - Ziggy Schaap
Tijdens de Converse One Star demo in Amsterdam dronken we een biertje met een veel besproken, gehate en geliefde Skateboarder uit LA, Sean Pablo.

Expectations of Holland
1. Red light district
2. Drinking
3. Nice People
4. Fun Times

European Cities
1. Paris
2. Berlin
3. Netherlands
4. London

Converse World Tour Memories
1. Visiting different places in the world like the park in Manchester, that was really dope.
2. A kid at this demo had the exact same tattoo’s on his hands as me and painted his fingernails aswell, it was crazy but it’s cool I guess.
4. Going to the Red Light seems crazy, I’ve never ever seen a prostitute in the window working there with all these guys around here knocking on the window and stuff, its so weird.

Skaters all time
1. Kenny Anderson
2. Jason Dill
3. Anthony van Engelen
4. Alex Olson

Non-Skate movies
1. I recently saw this movie ‘Out of the blue’ which was really good, It’s a Dennis Hopper movie.
2. ‘Kids’ is one of my favourite movies
3. ‘Blue Velvet’
4. ‘Buffalo 66’

Hateful Skate Trends
1. Too much Wallies
2. Too much No Comply’s
3. Too much Impossibles
4. Dickies pants cuz everyone wears them, I Hate them but at the same time its everything I always wear and do. I just want to see something new instead of everyone just imitating everyone else.

Sean Pablo_Impossible_amsterdam_Ziggy Schaap

Skate Shoes
1. Chuck Taylor’s
2. One Star
3. Vans Era
4. Vans Old-Skools

Worst looking tricks
1. Nollie varial heelflip
2. Benihana
3. Tucknee
4. Nollie backside bigspin but I think all tricks can be done sick if its done by the right person.

Skate movies
1. Blind ‘Video Days’
2. Alien Workshop ‘Mindfield’
3. I’m gonna go ahead and say ‘Cherry’ is one of my favourite videos because everyone in the video is so sick, with a couple of my favourite skaters.
4. Toy Machine ‘Welcome to Hell’ with Brian Anderson and Ed Templeton in there its definately one of my favourites right there.

Tricks you would like to be able to do
1. Fakie front crook
2. Switch backside flip
3. Nollie frontside flip
4. Fakie manual fakie flip out

1. Thrasher
2. Tumblr
3. Instagram
4. Google

Future Goals
1. Graduate highschool
2. At some point live in Paris
3. At some other point live in New York, because i live in LA now
4. I want to learn french

Sean Horizontaal